April 8th, 2021


It's been almost 7 months since the beginning the Xranue Podcast and I am especially grateful for all the individuals I have met/reconnected with over that time.  It's amazing how you can learn and grow by simply having a conversation.

Everyone has their own perspective on life and charts their course accordingly. Navigating the pandemic over the past year has caused many of us to self reflect on personal choices, career paths, learning paths, and simply who we are.  Recent decisions surrounding lockdowns, restrictions, vaccines, have all caused us to question why things are the way they are and why do people think the way they think. 

Ultimately I have come to the conclusion that even though explanations can be simple and decisions binary, navigating the world and life is just damn complicated.


There is no black and white without sacrifice. 


Balance is perfection, and therefore an illusion. 

I have realized some random truths that have helped guide me when things start to get especially complex and I hope that they provide a bit of value to everyone reading.

1)    Goal setting can turn on your blinders.  An open minded process is just as, if not more, important.  

2)    Focusing a mile ahead can make you miss the turn off that could change your course for the better.


3)    You may be good at many things...but you will suck at most.  


4)    Failure is a gift.   It can lead to self-awareness, knowledge and growth.

5)    Don't be afraid to start.  What if......?

6)    Research cautiously and objectively. The internet has, for better or for worse, changed what we accept                           as truth.

7)    People and tools may change.....but the game never will.

8)    Human behaviour is the root of all things evolutionary and revolutionary.


9)    Research cautiously and objectively. The internet has equally, for better or for worse, changed what we accept             as truth.


7)    Don't be a Dumbass